I came across this article on Ars Technica about how the recent release of Starcraft II dominated the month in video games sales.  Three interesting things about this.  First, this is only box sales, not digital download sales which are playing an increasing share on the PC market.  This is important because with Starcraft II essentially dominating this sales measure, outselling all other games on the console and not even counting all of it’s sales…it’s telling.

Secondly, this is a single platform release, only for PC.  The next best selling game was released on two platforms and was still beat by over 30,000 units.

And here’s the coup de grace.  These sales are only for the last four days in July whereas all the other games had a good measure of the month to sell.  The August numbers should be very interesting to see.

I’ve seen many a post on many a tech forum saying that PC gaming is dead, that the console is now king.  These numbers seem to fly right in the face of such perceptions.  Starcraft definitely is not being ported to console.  Can you imagine how fast some console player would get their ass-kicked by even a mediocre PC player who knows a couple keyboard shortcuts?