I did not expect this.  Just last week I posted my Six Games for 2011 which I was looking forward to playing and then one of my favorite game companies, Bioware, releases the following trailer at the Video Games Awards ceremony recently.

And my reaction is “are you kidding me, Bioware?” but in a good way.  I salute their tenacity and aggressive release schedule (are you taking notes, Valve?) and I am actually shocked that they look to have three major releases next year.  Just. Stunning.  It makes me a happy camper, to be sure, but it’s ridiculous.  How am I going to find even more time for a plethora of game goodness?

Just a quick note on DCUO as well.  I’m still forming an opinion of it, but I have to admit that it looks fun.  However, I am really wary of MMO games that are released simultaneously to console and PC as I feel that mechanics are often dumbed down for PC players and eventually feel lacking in depth.  It’s a huge difference when you have to cobble together button combinations for a controller versus a keyboard where you have so much more control.  That said, if there’s a trial available, it would definitely be worth a go.