For a good many years, I’ve not really hid my distaste for today. I’m not even sure where it started. I know in grade school, it was a cool little thing that I thought could be fun choosing Valentine’s Day cards for my classmates and decorate a Valentine’s box to receive the cards from other classmates. The shine of this day wore thin as I got older as I didn’t really like it that much in high school and positively rebelled against it in college.

One of the things that finally got to me was when I was in a relationship and I was expected to get something for Valentine’s Day, which was to represent my love through gifts, but apparently I was competing against the significant others of my current girlfriends co-workers. At that point, the meaning of a day of romance to me has lost all¬†significance.

Since that point, I’m a grump about this day. Don’t like it. Don’t like the fact that stores jack up the prices of flowers. Don’t like being marketed by companies trying to guilt you into making a purchase to satisfy a manufactured need. Don’t like the people out there who compare gestures from other people’s relationships and rank them according to their perceived romantic barometer. Don’t like the glut of so-called romantic movies based on Hollywood’s version of romance, which if practiced in real life would often get people jailed for stalking or institutionalized.

I like doing romantic things for Melanie ¬†when I think of her, often when I’m not with her. I’ll buy her favorite snack or maybe a good German chocolate bar. I’ll do an unexpected chore. I’ll volunteer to wash out a dirty diaper when she’s tired. I’ll cook a good meal for her. In fact, all of that stuff I wrote down…that was last week. That’s what’s important to me, not the one-off romantic holiday, but a show of love all the time.

Regardless, I like to laugh at today and I thought as a closing, I’ll post a YouTube video of something made for another holiday, but definitely could be implied for V-Day. It’s funny stuff anyway.