So the Grammy Awards were Sunday. I didn’t watch them (y’know, no TV and all) but I heard about everyone going all aflutter yesterday about the winners. Arcade Fire winning album of the year? Yes, please. I’m not a massive fan of theirs, but I do like their sound. I’m also glad that they beat some other, much bigger names out there. It’s not because I traditionally root for the underdog, but in this case, I just like their sound much better than Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Eminem or Lady Antebellum.

Also, Bieberites were up in arms their little manufactured teen dream lost to Esperanza Spalding. Here’s the thing with best new artist…Bieber is lucky to be in the category as the other nominees are supremely more talented than he is. Spalding herself is an amazing talent. I had not heard of her before the Grammys, but I’ve seen a few clips since then and I am just blown away. I’m flabbergasted that not only a jazz player/singer was nominated but won the category. Justin Bieber winning the category would have been a huge mistake, a snub of some very talented people.

Here’s a clip of Esperanza Spalding. She’s really, really good.