Hi-ho, everyone. Time for another short blog to let everyone know what’s the skinny going on this week.

Got some things on the cooker for everyone this week. I’m taking a good steamy gawk at three games this week, where a new game is bad, a two year old game is still good and why a game that has likely some of the cheesiest graphics in a published game is also one of the most complex and fun games on the market.

It’s not all games this week. Another topic came up while I was driving to hockey just yesterday, so I’m going to be exploring what it means to take up an artistic challenge, or for that matter, any life challenge.

April is a pretty hairy month as far as time goes for me, but because I care, I’ll be here blogging. For tomorrow, tune in as I relate why releasing an unpolished MMO is suicide in the gaming world today.